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Our Knowledge

Our Knowledge

Chevron Lubricants delivers more than just high quality products using premium base oils; we offer customers more than a century of scientific lubricants research and innovation to help businesses operate at peak potential. Customers trust Chevron Lubricants because we understand their business, help minimize equipment downtime and help maximize profitability.

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Delo® XLD Helps Achieve over 40,000 KM of Oil Drain Intervals in Mitsubishi Truck Engine

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Caltex's RBL™ Program can help your operation Run Better Longer by increasing equipment uptime and component service life.
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Knowing Our Customers

Commercial Transportation

Caltex Delo® keeps heavy-duty vehicles in motion, which is critical to business success. Delo with ISOSYN® Technology protects critical engine parts to help maximize engine life and minimize operating costs.
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Industrial and Off-Highway

Long days, extreme conditions and massive loads take their toll on heavy-duty equipment. Caltex helps businesses reduce total cost of operation by delivering quality lubricant products that work as hard as the equipment they protect.
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Passenger Vehicles

Whether you drive for work, pleasure or both, your vehicle requires protection from harmful engine deposits. Havoline® with Deposit Shield® Technology motor oils builds on years of innovation and performance.
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Marine Lubricants

Premium Chevron lubricants, coolants and customized services can keep your operation running efficiently, profitably and reliably.
Inland and Coastal Marine
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