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Commercial Transportation
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Industrial and Off-Highway Equipment
For more than 75 years, Caltex has delivered long-term value to farmers, maximizing equipment protection and reliability for time-sensitive operations in unpredictable conditions.
Fixed mixers, piling, crushing and milling equipment, cranes and hoists, conveyors and elevators, excavators, haulers and loaders and other heavy-duty off-highway equipment demand the quality and protection Caltex lubricants delivers.
Construction equipment using premium products like Caltex lubricants help machinery run smoothly and reliably to help keep work sites running efficiently.
Every manufacturing process faces unique challenges. That's why customers trust Caltex's customized services and quality lubricants to help ensure maximum equipment reliability, efficiency and productivity.
Caltex's high durability lubrication technologies deliver outstanding protection and performance in some of the world's most challenging petrochemical working environments.
When the utmost in reliability, safety and operational performance is required in hydroelectric, gas and coal-fired plants, power generation managers trust Caltex lubricants.
When your equipment can be more than a mile-and-a-half underground, downtime takes on a whole new meaning. Caltex lubricants deliver above-ground and underground mining operations reliable performance and protection to maximize uptime and profitability.
When compressors are put under extreme pressures, gas compression operations require premium Caltex lubricants to ensure long, reliable working life.
When it comes to oil and gas production, the longer a machine can run without downtime, the more productive the operation can be. Caltex premium lubricants ensure long service life and equipment reliability for maximum operational uptime.
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