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Industrial and Off Highway Gear Lubricants | Lubricant Company | CALTEX Chevron® Middle East



Meropa® are proven performance extreme pressure industrial gear oils, formulated with highly refined mineral base oils and sulphur-phosphorus additive technology.

Available in ISO VG 68, 100, 150, 220, 320 and 460 grades.

CALTEX Delo® Gear Lubricant ESI

Delo® Gear ESI® are premium grade automotive gear lubricants designed for gears operating under severe temperature and load conditions, and whose SAE 80W-90 viscosity grade offers extended-drain performance comparable to leading synthetics.

Available in viscosity grades SAE 80W-90 and SAE 85W-140

CALTEX Delo® Grease ESI

Delo® Gear ESI is a technically advanced, extended service premium grease for a wide variety of on-highway and light duty offroad applications. It is formulated with highly refined base stocks, a lithium complex thickener, rust and oxidation inhibitors, and extreme pressure and tackiness additives.

Available in NLGI grade 2

Crater M and H

Crater® M and H are proven performance heavy duty and highly adhesive open gear, chain and wire rope lubricants, produced to protect against wear, rust and to resist and displace water. These low-cost heavy oil industrial lubricants contain a high flashpoint solvent for easy application and leave a tough, highly viscose and adhesive oil film after evaporation.

CALTEX Chevron® Open Gear Lubricant

Chevron Open Gear Lubricants are formulated to minimize wear and provide shock load protection during typical operations. 

Available in 100 NC, 250 NC, 800 NC

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